Celebs Johnny Depp Dated Before Amber Heard: Complete List

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1. Ex: Lori Allison Dated In: 1983-1985

Makeup artist Lori Allison was Johnny Depp's first love. When Depp was only 20, the couple tied the knot and stayed together for just two years before deciding to divorce.

2. Ex: Sherilyn Fenn Dated In: 1985-1988

Several months after divorcing his first wife, actor found solace in Sherilyn, an actress. They first met on the set of the student film Dummies, and they later co-starred in Twin Peaks.

3. Ex: Jennifer Grey Dated In: 1989

Jennifer Grey, who starred in the movie Dirty Dancing, is another of Johnny's ex-fiancés. It has been widely reported that Johnny proposed to Jennifer, though this has never been confirmed.

4. Ex: Winona Ryder Dated In: 1989-1993

Ryder was Depp's "Edward Scissorhands" co-star who he instantly fell in love with. Depp inked the now-famous "Winona Forever" tattoo on his bicep during their high-profile courtship.

5. Rumored Ex: Juliette Lewis Dated In: 1993

Some people think that Depp and his What's Eating Gilbert Grape co-star had a brief romantic relationship in 1993. Others believe that Depp was Juliette's rebound after her failed engagement to Brad Pitt.

6. Ex: Ellen Barkin Dated In: 1994

Depp began dating Ellen Barkin, who was 9 years older than him, in 1994. The two reconnected on the set of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas four years later, and they have stayed friends ever since.

7. Ex: Kate Moss From 1994 to 1998

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp were the most popular power couple of the 1990s. When they first met, she was 11 years younger than him and was at the peak of her career in the fashion industry.

8. Ex: Vanessa Paradis Dated In: 1998-2012

While Depp was filming Roman Polanski's "The Ninth Gate" in Paris, French singer Paradis met him, and the two went on to date for 14 years. The duo has a daughter Lily-Rose and a son Jack.

9. Ex: Amber Heard Dated In: 2012-2016

The couple wed in 2015 then divorced more than a year later after she filed for divorce in late May. Depp’s relationship with Heard ended up in in a nasty legal battle and $50 million defamation trial in May 2022.

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