Unsettling Details Of Mary Kay Letourneau's Illicit Affair With Sixth-Grader

XploringIndia 29th Aug, 2022

The documentary Mary Kay Letourneau: Notes on a Scandal is scheduled to make its debut this Sunday, 28thAugust 2022.

The documentary will bring to light the details of the scandalous affair between Mary Kay Letourneau and a sixth-grade student named Vili Fualaau.

According to reports, the documentary would also detail the accusations made against Mary Kay, their lives during and after she was freed from prison, their subsequent breakup, and her eventual passing.

The infamous 1997 case revealed many undisclosed tales about the mother-of-four when she was arrested, and the affair made the press. Here are 5 shocking details of the Mary Kay Letourneau case.

John Schmitz, the father of Letourneau, had two children with a previous college student.


When Mary Kay Letourneau pled guilty to second-degree child r*pe in 1997, she was first given a six-month sentence.


But Letourneau was later discovered having sex with him in a vehicle and received yet another prison term, this time for six years.

Letourneau utilised breast milk bottles while incarcerated to send letters to Vili Fualaau.



Fualaau declared that if he ever felt attracted to a child, he would get help.

In her final hours, Vili Fualaau visited his ex-wife, Mary and gave her 24-hour care for a month at the hospital.


Mary Kay Letourneau had battled Stage 4 colon cancer for years, and Vili finally decided to pull the plug when she was 58.

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