Tim Allen’s Biden Joke Is Breaking The Internet

XploringIndia 2022

A joke that Tim Allen made about President Joe Biden has created a buzz on social media.

Following Biden's appearance on the CBS television magazine show "60 Minutes," the 69-year-old actor tweeted this on Monday.

"On 60 Minutes, Biden appeared. I overheard him inquire about the show's duration, "Allen composed.

The "Home Improvement" star's joke soon ignited a debate, and many of Allen's detractors attacked him in the comments.

While some Twitter users mocked the joke as "unfunny" and "lame," others accused the comic of being "disrespectful" to the present president.

The "Toy Story" star seemed "irrelevant" and "washed up," according to online critics.

A few Twitter users speculated that Allen had been replaced as Buzz Lightyear in the most recent episode of the immensely popular "Toy Story" franchise.

Allen had voiced the recognisable animated character in each of the first four "Toy Story" movies, but Chris Evans took over for "Lightyear" in 2022.

Fans of Allen and a few of his business associates criticised the casting change.