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The Actual Truth About Marilyn Monroe’s Romantic Relationships

Ana De Armas has done an exceptional job at portraying the tragic life of the legendary American actress, Marilyn Monroe.

The fictional retelling has thrown light on some aspects of Monroe’s life with excruciating detail and truth, yet it did not stick to reality in terms of the starlet’s dating history.

Andrew Dominik’s ‘Blonde’ suggests that Monroe was in a relationship with Charlie Chaplin Jr. and Eddy Robinson Jr.

Monroe’s involvement with either of these men is far from the truth and critics have publicly expressed their dismay over the new film.

Following in their father’s footsteps, Cass and Eddy pursued acting, with the latter starring alongside Monroe in the universally renowned movie Some Like It Hot.

There may be evidence about Monroe dating the men only for a brief period of time, but not simultaneously.

In spite of the fact that Blonde presents their romantic connections as happening at the same time, there is no evidence to imply that this was truly the case.

Cass and Marilyn actually stayed friends up until her death, and the starlet had actually first met Eddy through Cass.

Unlike the Netflix Original, Marilyn Monroe has never engaged, at least not as per public knowledge, in a Throuple.