Taylor Swift To Make The Much-Awaited Comeback To Pop With Her Latest Album

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Midnights, Taylor Swift's tenth studio album, was released at the stroke of midnight, marking the start of a brand-new era for the singer-songwriter and her music career.

Following the sugary sweet dream-pop of Lover, Taylor Swift took a turn into the woodlands for the indie-folk-oriented Folklore and Evermore, both of which were recorded in 2020.

After that, she went through her back catalog to re-record her albums Fearless and Red, which respectively expanded upon her second and fourth studio albums with bonus tracks.

Midnights is a beautiful flood of synthesizers that complements lyrics that are trapped between a love tale and a plan for retribution.

Midnights is Swift's favorite time of the night, so for her tenth studio album, she and her most creative writing collaborator, Jack Antonoff, went back into the recording studio.

Taylor proceeded to explain how she and Antonoff hit it off with one another and then kept on writing a few pieces until finally forming imminent tracks for the new album.

After Taylor Swift released her two most recent albums, Folklore, and Evermore, fans have now been pondering what kind of style and approach the new phase would deliver.

With Midnight's music movies, Taylor Swift embarked for the first time on a musical album that was also complemented by a visual album.

One of the tracks that can be found on Midnights is titled "Snow on the Beach," and it was written and sung in collaboration with Lana Del Rey.

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