Spicy Rumors Are Buzzing About Brad Pitt and Emily Rajatkowski Dating

By XploringIndia 27.09.22

Brad Pitt and Emily Rajaskowskiare keep the fans on their toes by encouraging rumours about them dating each other.

The Hollywood superstar and Victoria’s Secret supermodel are yet to make anything official, but their growing intimacy is adding fuel to the fire.

Brad and Emily have been seen dining together quite a few times, leaving fans wondering about their official relationship status.

After the messy divorce with Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie, Pitt is still in a concerning phase.

Emily Rajatkowski is in the midst of her divorce from her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

However, an insider claims that Brad had asked Emily out back in August casually, and she’d said yes.

It has left fans to wonder how long this ‘secret relationship’ can stay under the wraps and be hidden from the cunning eyes of the paps.

A Hollywood source has recently stated that Brad Pitt is not dating anybody and is enjoying his freedom quite a lot.

It’s yet unclear when the Fight Club actor and the supermodel will make the news official, if ever.

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