Rochester Couple Accused Of Hosting Racist Juneteenth

By XploringIndia - 24th Aug 2022


A Rochester couple was accused of hosting a Juneteenth parody party, which was racist in nature.

The wife ran a Twitter account notorious for its racist posts.

The social media account belonged to Mary Znidarsic-Nicosia.

She and her husband, Dr Nicholas Nicosia, along with their lawyer, staged at a Hilton Garden Inn in Pittsford.

The event, they said, was intended to clear their names and restore their reputations.

She did not refer to the account by name but mentioned one of her photos was used in the profile picture of the account.

The picture showed a bust of "Smilin' Sam from Alabam"—a Black caricature piggy bank that Znidarsic-Nicosia claimed was on display in her house—also known as "The Salted Peanut Man."

The account name was @HoHoHomeboyROC, and it used other aliases, such as "Colonel Nathaniel Sanders.

The account, which was active since November 2021, routinely trolled black people elected officials and journalists.

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