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Prince Louis

The four-year-old Royal provided star quality entertainment on the final day of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations creating a buzz on social media.

Prince Louis delighted netizens with his expressions of boredom and annoyance. Many said the kid deserved his own meme section.

As his mother Kate Middleton tried to speak to him, the baby prince cheekily thumbed his nose in photographs published by the British media.

The instance where he affectionately hugged his mother and rested on her shoulder was also captured by the press.

He also moved from his seat to sit on his grandfather Prince Charles' lap, according to footage.

Mike Tindall, a former England rugby player, was seated behind the four-year-old and was seen giving him the 'I've got my eyes on you' look.

Prince Louis' reactions during a ceremonial procession organised by British military battalions last week sparked memes and jokes on the internet.

He sported a bored expression while other royal family members smiled graciously at the camera, dressed in a blue mini-sailor attire his father Prince Willian had worn during the event in 1984.

While the air force drew a seven and a zero in the sky, Prince Louis responded with animated terror and shock.