NBC Rejected Cruel Intentions Reboot; Why Is Sarah Gellar Glad?

Cruel Intentions received a trial order from the Peacock Network in February 2016, which later declared that it would not be continuing forward with the project.

Although Gellar agreed to reprise the part of Kathryn Merteuil, she eventually thought the new version fell short of the 1999 movie.

She told the New York Times that it was a whole chaotic time. She was not in favour of it being a “network show”.

With Merteuil (Gellar) competing for control of Valmont International as well as the soul of Bash Casey.

Bash was the son of her late brother, Sebastian Valmont, and Annette Hargrove; the Cruel Intentions reboot would have taken place more than 15 years after the movie left off.

Bash is introduced to a world of sex, money, power, and corruption when he discovers his late father's inheritance in a secret journal.

Fox has already attempted a television adaptation of the movie with the prequel series Manchester Prep.

Cruel Intentions 2 is a direct-to-video release of three unaired episodes from the series that were recut.

It was revealed in October 2021 that IMDb TV was developing a modernised adaptation of the film, with a political backdrop