Markiplier Will Make An OnlyFans Account As Long As His Conditions Are Met

By XploringIndia 17.10.22

Markiplier, a popular YouTuber, just uploaded a video in which he made an intriguing offer to his audience, and the fan base is doing all it can to help fulfill that promise.

Markiplier shared in a recent video his plans to create a profile on OnlyFans in order to contribute to the fundraising efforts of charitable foundations.

The decision was taken after taking into consideration how productive his charity effort featuring a naked calendar had been in 2018.

However, he stressed once again to all his fans that he won't create an OnlyFans until the supporters can fulfill a number of requirements.

The first requirement is that the Distractible podcast, on which he works, must debut at the top of the podcast rankings on both Apple and Spotify.

Markiplier, along with his two co-hosts, Wade Barnes and Bob Muyskens, leads the podcast known as Distractible, wherein they talk about gaming, their personal lives, and much more.

The second requirement is quite similar to the first in that it mandates that fans take an interest in another of Markiplier's podcasts, Go My Favorite Sports Team.

Markiplier and Tyler Scheid are the hosts of Go My Favorite Sports Team which focuses on sports and the two of them discuss a variety of topics related to sports and sportsmen.

Markiplier hasn't yet announced the specific content of his OnlyFans or when he will make it, even if his fanbase and the audience meet the conditions.