Things are escalating between Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid.

At a New York Fashion Week after-party in New York City over the weekend, the rumored new couple was spotted getting cozy.

In a picture obtained by paparazzi, DiCaprio, 47, could be seen whispering in Hadid's ear as she eagerly leaned closer. The two appeared to be deep in conversation.

The "Titanic" actor appeared to get a little handsy with the 27-year-old model at one point, placing his hands on her shoulders before reaching for her hand.

Hadid donned a white cropped tank top and high-waisted baggy trousers right off the runway, while the "Revenant" actor kept a low profile in an all-black outfit and hat.

According to sources, DiCaprio's friend Richie Akiva and Darren Dzienciol hosted a lavish party at a SoHo loft, and the two appeared to be isolated from the rest of the crowd.

Many people were surprised to hear about the couple's developing romance because DiCaprio is well known for only dating ladies younger than 25.

One month later, around the time of his split from model Camila Morrone, another source claimed that they saw DiCaprio and Hadid hanging out together at the same club.

Ironically, shortly after Morrone turned 25, the former couple separated after four years of dating.

Although it's unclear when or why they split up, DiCaprio's apparent dating preferences quickly made him a meme on the internet and at the Emmys.