Kanye West Shown Out Of Skechers Headquarters After He Showed Up Unannounced

By XploringIndia

After showing up unexpectedly and uninvited on Wednesday at the headquarters of athletic shoe manufacturer Skechers in California, Kanye West was removed from the building.

In recent weeks, Ye has been in the news for making racist and anti-Semitic sentiments, which have resulted in the loss of numerous lucrative fashion partnerships for him.

Ye made an appearance at the headquarters of Skechers a day after Adidas severed its connection with the rapper in response to his anti-semitic sentiments.

After having a short talk with Ye and his group, two executives from Skechers took West and his party out of the building due to the fact that Ye was recording without permission.

The company representatives have made it abundantly clear that they have no intentions of ever collaborating with Ye after his controversial and offensive antisemitic remarks.

The Instagram account of the rapper, which had been banned because of anti-semitic remarks, began uploading new content again on Tuesday night.

Earlier this month, West tweeted that he will soon go "death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE," in connection to the US defense readiness status scale that is recognized as DEFCON.

Following his ban from both Twitter and Instagram, which came about as a result of his tweets, he issued an apology for the message on October 24th.

On October 25th, Adidas made the announcement that it was terminating a collaboration with Ye that had helped make him a millionaire over his hateful remarks.