John Turturro Fancies Writing A Book About Christopher Walken

XploringIndia · 17 Aug, 2022

Severance Is a Workplace Romance for John Turturro and Christopher Walken

In the Apple TV+ techno-thriller, the actors—who were both nominated for Emmys for best supporting actor in a drama—drew on their years of friendship.

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards voting has begun, and this week we are speaking with various acting nominees. The awards will be announced on NBC on September 12.

“I’ve hardly ever played the guy who gets the girl. Or the guy,” said Walken.

On a recent weekday morning, Walken and his lifelong friend John Turturro were speaking through video chat.

Walken and Turturro play Burt and Irving, coworkers at the evil megacorp Lumon Industries, in the series "Severance," which received 14 nominations for its debut season.

Employees at Lumon are required to undergo "severance," a medical operation that divides the mind into two halves such that the "innie," or work self, has no knowledge of the "outie," or home self, and vice versa.

In Severance on Apple TV+, Irving and Burt represented the brutal inequity of "innie" existence and gave rule-bound Irving a chance to rebel.

The two actors increased the stakes of the story with their on-screen romance.