Here's Why

Apple Cider Vinegar

Should Be In Your Beauty Regimen

We have all heard of coffee-sugar scrubs, turmeric masks and many more DIY hacks to land that perfect skin or achieve those long voluminous tresses.

One such ingredient that works wonders for you health is apple cider vinegar. Ring any bells?

Fermentation of apple extract followed by processing of the liquid yield apple cider vinegar. This can be used regularly for getting healthy, glowing skin and luscious hair.

As A Toner An astringent by nature, apple cider vinegar makes for a great toner. The preparation is a piece of cake.

Just dilute potent ACV with water in 1:1 ratio and transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. You can spray the liquid directly onto your face or use a cotton pad for the same.

As A Scalp Clarifier Apple cider vinegar is enriched with antibacterial and antifungal properties alongside being an excellent exfoliator.

This makes ACV the perfect solution for dirty scalps infected with dandruff or sebum. You can opt for using the liquid directly on your scalp or mixing it with your daily shampoo to mask the unusual odour.

Solution For Ingrown Hair ACV is packed with the goodness of malic acid and makes for an excellent exfoliant. Just rub some of it on your arms and legs to slough away the dead skin cells.

Treats Spots Too It is a miraculous anti-acne agent. All you are required to do is apply some of it on the zit and let it work its magic thereafter.

Hair Softener ACV softens and smoothens those precious locks giving the perfect texture to your hair.