He Fried A Man’s Arm With Oil And Ate Them- Jeffrey Dahmer

By XploringIndia 23.09.22

Why Jeffrey Dahmer wanted to devour his victims is a mystery to forensic psychiatrists as well as true crime aficionados.

Jeffrey claims that, in contrast to many other murderers, he did not have a "profoundly unpleasant" childhood.

In a 1994 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lionel revealed that he had been an emotionally distant father and had been primarily absent during Jeffrey’s formative years.

Jeffrey had a double hernia removed when he was four years old, and Lionel claims that after the procedure, his little son was never the same.

During a 1993 Inside Edition broadcast, Jeffrey said, “I had these obsessive desires and thoughts wanting to control them, to, I don’t know how to put it, possess them permanently.”

As his obsession heightened, he started saving body parts such as skulls and skeletons.

His apartment was stuffed with severed heads in the freezer, human hearts, a whole torso, and human skulls on his computer.

Jeffrey had confessed to deep-frying a man's biceps in oil before using a meat tenderizer and eating the muscle.