Has International Playboy Dan Bilzerian Tied The Knot?

By xploringindia | Jul 25, 2022

Internet playboy Dan Bilzerian shared a cryptic wedding photo on his social media account throwing the internet into a frenzy.

In the picture, which he shared with his 32.9 million Instagram followers, Bilzerian is pictured arm in arm with a stunning companion holding a bunch of white flowers while looking absolutely stunning in an all-black tuxedo.

So, has the poker player, cigar smoking entrepreneur finally tied the knot?

Bilzerian is well known for being a troll who enjoys making fun of his sizable social media following.

The CEO and founder of Ignite famously highlighted his "chicken legs" in 2016 and recently uploaded a photo of himself playing tennis with a huge racquet with the message, "Don't take yourself too seriously."

Bilzerian is the pinnacle of every teenage boy's fantasy because to his extravagant Instagram lifestyle, which has been characterised over the years by thousands of stunning ladies, unending parties, and high-spending endeavours.

While most of us eventually grow out of that stage, the 41-year-old with a penchant for firearms has leaned into it, declaring in a 2014 post that he was staunchly opposed to marriage.

With the statement "Marriage; wrecking lives since Adam and Eve," he doubled down in 2015, but perhaps things are taking a turn for Bilzerian.

The renowned playboy has been pictured with a variety of attractive women over the years, but recent claims claim Bilzerian recently had a love relationship with Sofia Bevarly, who is also a social media star.

There are rings on both Bilzerian's and the unidentified woman's left hands, which is the traditional symbol for marriage.

It goes without saying that opinions on the internet on whether the Dan Bilzerian wedding rumours are accurate and whether the playboy has truly left his former life behind are plainly divided.

It seems extremely implausible to us that the Ignite entrepreneur would be willing to give up what has long served as his identity.