Emma Watson Has Purest Love For Tom Felton And Calls Him Her Soulmate

By xploringindia 2022

Both Emma Watson and Tom Felton have been quite open about their feelings toward one another and how they’ve loved each other for more than twenty years.

While they have never been romantically linked and their relationship remains strictly platonic, their affection for each other has made fans swoon all over the place for years.

Felton has written a new book called “Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard” and Watson has shared in it a heartwarming foreword for his friend.

The actress reveals that Tom has "a heart the size of a planet," and that for the last twenty years, she and Tom have "loved one another in a special way."

We've always had each other's backs, as she confessed, and it's one of the purest loves she can think of, she said, going as far as calling themselves soulmates.

In the foreword, Watson revealed how she had a crush at the age of 9 and she used to follow him around like a puppy, desperate for his attention while they were both young.

As Tom Felton has beautifully described in his book how they both grew out of this phase, their friendship evolved with time and soon they became inseparable.

Emma Watson shared her feelings on the nature of their relationship and emphasized how both she and Felton struggle to explain their friendship to the fans and media.

Emma concludes that the two of them have a "genuine" friendship, and the fact that she is seen and loved in such a way is one of the most precious blessings in her life.