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Dakota Johnson And Sydney Sweeney’s Look Revealed For Marvel’s Madame Web

Although fans have not received any information on Spider-Man 4, Sony Pictures has its hands full with producing a variety of Spider-Man spin-offs.

Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson and Sidney Sweeney, is inspired by the titular Comic-book character and is scheduled for release in 2024.

Although most of its storyline is under-wraps, pictures from the set have given fans a better idea of what to anticipate and if it could have implications for the Multiverse.

We have just gotten a glimpse at Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney shooting together for the upcoming Spiderman spin-off movie, Marvel's 'Madame Web’.

A schoolgirl skirt and front-closure shirt are donned by Sydney, which she combined with a jacket, thigh-high stockings, and black boots.

Dakota can be seen wearing blue denim bottoms and black tops, which she combined with a red leather jacket.

The release of the second series of images has provided another glimpse at Dakota Johnson's Madame Web-inspired looks, wherein she can be seen donning a white wig under a hood.

Speculations regarding Sydney Sweeney’s look have been circulating widely on the web now that she’s sporting a red-head look as fans are betting she will be playing Julia Carpenter.

Madame Web has only just provided hardcore Marvel fans with one more piece of information to spark their excitement in advance for the spin-off’s 2024 release.